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Is it uncool to convert your own newgrounds flash animation from swf to wmv and upload that onto facebook? I did that with my David and Goliath animation and it got deleted twice and I got a notification from facebook telling me that the video was violating copyright laws. I had to counter-mail them and clear things out. Weird.
Has this happened to anybody else so far?

OK That's it!

2008-08-26 06:21:17 by Slash-Beetlejuice

So, I took up a short 6 month course in animation! Sure i had to move from home to a different city and sure im pretty stressed out and sure I already know half the shit theyre teaching me here (The other half isn't relevant at all). But hey, im in for some fun, right? right..?

See you all in June...

2008-04-30 01:12:04 by Slash-Beetlejuice

Finals coming up on the 15th of may... Ending late june... See you all then... Peace :)