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OK That's it!

2008-08-26 06:21:17 by Slash-Beetlejuice

So, I took up a short 6 month course in animation! Sure i had to move from home to a different city and sure im pretty stressed out and sure I already know half the shit theyre teaching me here (The other half isn't relevant at all). But hey, im in for some fun, right? right..?


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2008-08-26 06:34:32

I'm just about to go to college to study animation as part of a Multi-media course. I'd say that if you want to get anywhere with animation you have to study it properly. Most courses start off pretty general and then go into more advanced things later. Things may pick up later, but you should probubly consider how you're enjoying things.


2008-08-26 06:36:35



2008-08-26 08:33:26

Good Work, i mean, it's for the good of flash-kind, right?