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Facebook and Newgrounds

2009-07-27 08:04:32 by Slash-Beetlejuice

Is it uncool to convert your own newgrounds flash animation from swf to wmv and upload that onto facebook? I did that with my David and Goliath animation and it got deleted twice and I got a notification from facebook telling me that the video was violating copyright laws. I had to counter-mail them and clear things out. Weird.
Has this happened to anybody else so far?


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2009-07-27 08:51:09

Facebook = stupid


2009-07-27 09:29:41

Your flashes belongs here man, I must agree with the other guy, facebook is shit!


2009-07-27 10:45:13

yeah facebook is kind of strict with using copyrighted material, they may not if you don't credit the copyrighted stuff


2009-07-27 14:17:55

pretty sure it has something to do with the song you chose. try a song from the NG portal and remember credit people.


2009-07-27 14:38:15

gfvc v


2009-07-27 15:32:16

all that eyeliner is homo


2009-07-27 16:48:14

You're not the only one who has a beef with Facebook. I have my own gripes with it as well.


2009-07-27 18:44:32

It's hard for them to know what belongs to the users and what doesnt.